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How Facebook Advertising is Changing with Open Graph

Facebook Advertising

By Sean McKee,

This is a fantastic article and a must read if you’re going to advertise and interact on Facebook.  With the introduction of “Open Graph” Facebook users will be much easier to target with your marketing efforts.  Be sure to read the article and don’t don’t waste time getting familiar with Open Graph.

How Facebook Advertising is Changing with Open Graph

As Facebook evolves, it is becoming an encyclopedia of user actions: the songs your friends are listening to on Spotify, a friend’s status update from their vacation, or an article shared from a website like KISSmetrics. These activities are stored in Open Graph as stories, which, when grouped together, provide detailed historical records of a user’s interests, hobbies, and relationships.

The user insights available through Open Graph make it a powerful tool for effectively reaching consumers. The utility of Open Graph can be roughly broken into two parts:

via How Facebook Advertising is Changing with Open Graph.

301 Redirects – Is there a Limit to How Many You Can Have?

how many 301 redirects am I allowed to have

By Sean McKee:

301 redirects-Is there a limit to how many you can have?  In this video created by Google web masters tools, they discuss 301 or permanent redirects and how many you’re allowed to have on your site.   The video is only 4:30 long and is a good watch so take a look at it now.

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Internet Marketing News – Say Goodbye To RSS Reader By Google

RSS FeedsBy Sean McKee:

Say goodbye to RSS Reader by Google.  You may have heard the news that Google is getting rid of the RSS reader which is another reason to not be totally dependent on Google and SEO for your web sites success.  You should be trying to generate traffic from many different sources so you’re not dependent on one platform.

If your business is dependent on one platform, such as Facebook for example, what will you do if they change the rules on you and you’re left high and dry with a marketing/traffic generation plan that no longer is viable?  Remember the penguin and panda updates by Google?  The people who got hurt the most relied too much on SEO and many were wiped out of their Google rankings and lost all or most of their incomes.

Be sure to watch the video below by James Shramko for further internet marketing news.

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3 Reasons Your Keyword Has a Low Quality Score

keyword tips
By Sean McKee

Here is another great article relating to keywords and how they affect your quality score.  Be sure to read the article and let me know your thoughts.

By Drew RoyMarch 05, 2013 Posted In: AdWords Tips Comments: 1


When Larry Page and Sergey Brin first launched the Google search engine in January of 1996, no one, including the creators, realized the gold mine that they had just designed. By May 2011, Google had surpassed 1 billion unique visitors per month and had expanded to much more than just a search engine. Now with Google+, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Chrome, Shopping, News, YouTube and perhaps a self-operating automobile in the near future, Google has revolutionized the internet and, whether we like it or not, our lives as well.

Despite of the impact that Google has had on both our professional and personal lives, operating and understanding their advertising system can be a frustrating and tiresome process. As a Customer Success Specialist here at WordStream I get all sorts of questions; however the most frequent questions almost always concern Google’s Quality Score metric.

In case you’re not familiar with Quality Score here’s a quick summary. In every AdWords account Google assigns a Quality Score to your keywords, ad groups, campaigns, site links, and ads. This number (1-10) is based on a number of different metrics including (but not limited to) click-through rate, quality of your landing page, keyword/ad relevance, keyword/search relevance, geographic performance, ad’s performance on a site, and your targeted devices.

via 3 Reasons Your Keyword Has a Low Quality Score | WordStream.

Gathering Ideas To Create Content And Ideas

How To Gather Ideas

Here is another great audio by, James Shramko.   In today’s world of Internet Marketing it’s important to search out and discover new ideas to create new and useful content as well as ideas for creating new products.  In this audio James discusses all the key ways he get’s new ideas on a regular basis.  Be sure to listen and take notes on this audio and look for additional audio’s and posts from James and his course, “Own The Racecourse”.

Audio From “Own The Race Course” By James Shramko

Business For Success

In this audio James discusses all the important components you’ll need to “own the race course” These tolls are essential, according to James, to successfully own your niche or your business and be in complete control of your businesses destiny.

This is the first post so look for more to come and be sure to check back for additional videos from the course.

Talk Soon,


Tips On – Making Money Online From Home For Free




Tips On – Making Money Online From Home For Free


By Sean McKee,


Hey, I wanted to talk to you real quick about more Tips On – Making Money Online From Home For Free.  One of the reasons a lot of people fail in business is I don’t think a lot of people treat their business as a true business as they’re working from home.


A lot of people have this idea in their head that to be in business you need to have a brick and mortar location with trucks, employees, and all sorts of overhead, but you don’t. You can start right from your home, if you’re working online, that’s probably what you’re doing. You need to treat your business like a real business right from the get-go and develop some really good habits so you don’t get into trouble. By trouble I mean,  bookkeeping issues, write-offs and those type of administration challenges.  Really believe that you’re starting a real true business and treat it like that from the start.


The first thing I would recommend you do is get a really good bookkeeper. You can find those online, on Elance and other sites like that. Just make sure you check them out, check their ratings, check their feedback from other clients, and just find a really good bookkeeper.


You also want to find a really good accountant, a CPA that can take advantage of all the write-offs that you’re entitled to as a business owner.   What you need to do is put the CPA in contact with the bookkeeper so they can communicate back and forth so you can stay out of it if that’s not your cup of tea. You should focus at the things you do best.


I use some apps that really help me out with my iPhone.  I have a scanner where I can take a picture of all of my receipts and documents and I simply send those off to my bookkeeper and I throw the paperwork away, so I’m very organized. She keeps track of all the books and sends everything at the end of the year to my accountant so my taxes can be completed.  It’s very easy for me and I don’t have to worry about it.


Being in business for yourself and working from home creates a lot of great benefits from a tax standpoint. I’m not an accountant or a tax person, but I get a lot of write-offs that help me with my taxes – legitimate, legal write-offs. If you’re in another country, you’ll have to check out the laws in your country. I don’t know about that.

But my point is that you should find a good bookkeeper and a good accountant so you don’t get in trouble.   You can take advantage of all the benefits of being in business for yourself and working from home.


So to make money online from home for free, do the following;


 First get focused, pay attention to one area of making money at a time (one niche), get everything else out of your mind, quit buying all the products that you don’t need today, don’t buy products that you’re going to need in the future, just get focused, and treat your business like a business from the start.


Good luck to you, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Email me with any questions you have. Email me any success stories that you have. I love to hear them. I’ll talk you again soon.


Take care.


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