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How To Set Up Google Author Ranking – Cheat Sheet And Video

How To set up Google Authorship

By Sean McKee
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Be sure to take the time to read and understand exactly how to set up Google Author Ranking.  Pay close attention as you read this article by, Demian Farnworth.  If you have not established your Google Authorship, be sure to do it ASAP.  If you do not establish your authorship it will have a significant effect on your ability to rank your site and your content.

Google will be following the “author” rather than the content itself.  They can better control all the content that’s hitting the internet and it’s credibility by giving the authors of the content a ranking. This will be how Google decides how high in the search engines to rank the content.

The Writer’s Author Rank Cheat Sheet
by Demian Farnworth

Mention the words “Author Rank” and online writers typically cock their heads or raise an eyebrow.

They’ve more than likely heard of it, but defining it is an entirely different animal.

That’s because it refers to a nebulous Google algorithm that seems more legend than reality and can often cause confusion.

Yet, if you’ve been following us over the last five posts in this series you probably realize that the developments behind Author Rank (Google+, Search + Your World, and authorship markup) will help you drive more traffic to your website, increase your online visibility, and establish your online authority.

In other words, there are rock-solid benefits to this thing called Author Rank, but taking advantage of those benefits can be intimidating. Maybe you’re asking questions like …

Where do I start?
Do I have the technical skills?
Will it work for me?
How do I know when it is working?
What am I trying to accomplish?
Do I have time for this?
Compound these worries with the notion that you could be leaving attention, authority, and leads on the table because you can’t (or don’t) have the resources necessary to work this algorithm … and the tension builds.

Hopefully this post (as well as the earlier ones in the series) will relieve some of that tension.

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Internet Marketing News – Say Goodbye To RSS Reader By Google

RSS FeedsBy Sean McKee:

Say goodbye to RSS Reader by Google.  You may have heard the news that Google is getting rid of the RSS reader which is another reason to not be totally dependent on Google and SEO for your web sites success.  You should be trying to generate traffic from many different sources so you’re not dependent on one platform.

If your business is dependent on one platform, such as Facebook for example, what will you do if they change the rules on you and you’re left high and dry with a marketing/traffic generation plan that no longer is viable?  Remember the penguin and panda updates by Google?  The people who got hurt the most relied too much on SEO and many were wiped out of their Google rankings and lost all or most of their incomes.

Be sure to watch the video below by James Shramko for further internet marketing news.

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SEO Tips – 5 Typical Mistakes When Doing SEO

5 SEO Tips

By Sean McKee,

This is a video done by Google explaining 5 Typical Mistakes when doing SEO for your site.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch this important video.
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00:23 Typical Mistake #1: No Value proposition
1:30 Typical Mistake #2 Segmented approach
3:07 Typical Mistake #3 Time-consuming workarounds
4:57 Typical Mistake #4 Caught in SEO trends
6:05 Typical Mistake #5 Slow Integration
6:48 Rich Snippets added
6:58 Video site maps added
7:14 Good practices in SEO – SEO instructions

I hope you enjoyed this information.

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