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Hey Sean,

Just wanted to take a quick minute to send you a note about your email video course. There's great, solid content in there that everyone really 'needs' to know! I wish I had this course a few years ago. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and helped me make more money sooner.

Keep up the great work, man! Mike Cowles <><

"Sean McKee's Email Secrets Revealed is a thorough set of step-by-step video tutorials that will help you get organized, stay productive and use your time more efficiently, which contributes to your success. I recommend following his simple and easy-to-follow videos as you learn to take control of your email." – Carol Amato

"Hey Sean. I just wanted to thank you for providing this offer and making it so affordable. The information here is priceless to me – it answers so many questions I had about what works (and what doesn’t!) in IM. Between the video secrets you share, and the bonus guides, I now have an entirely new feeling of confidence. I’m not longer lost – I know exactly how to move forward and start profiting. Thanks a lot man.

– Stefan"









Say ”Goodbye” Forever To Struggling To Create And Exploit Powerful Marketing Videos That Make You Sales….


Video Secrets Revealed

It’s no secret…

Adding videos to your sales funnel is the number one way to increase conversion rates.

In fact, a recent case study by one of the most respected marketing firms on the web found that adding video to a sales page increased sales by 69%.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m all for selling more of my products and services…

That’s why I created an important new product called Video Secrets Revealed, which I’m offering to you today.

I’m making It Available At An Extremely

Discounted Rate, And It Will Show You How To…

Customize your videos so you can brand yourself and your business with each piece of content you produce. You’ll look more professional, gain more leads, and increase profits

 Get a professional logo made for you in 24 hours for only 5 bucks. With this secret, you’ll be able to take your branding to a whole new level, bringing in more profits and more subscribers to your list.

Discover the hands-down fastest and easiest way to upload a video to your blog or website. Even if you have the skill level of a 2 year old orangutan, you’ll be comfortable adding videos once you know this method. It’s easy, and I give you step-by-step directions.

 Plus, how to resize your images in seconds, and convert your logo and images into html, making it simple to brand yourself across the web

Now let me be clear about something…

If You’re Pete The Programming Protégé,

Then This Product Isn’t For You…

If, however, you’re like the rest of us…

If all you want is to create a powerful Internet Marketing sales funnel that not only brings you massive leads, but also converts your prospects into paying customers…

Bringing you a solid reoccurring monthly income that grows and grows…

And allowing you to have the freedom to ditch the 9-5 grind and start finally pursuing your dreams…

Then Video Secrets Revealed Is What You Need.

Because it all starts with the ability to get your videos online…

While branding them with a professional logo, and showing prospects that you’re 100% legit.

Video Secrets Revealed normally retails for $97, but if you act today you won’t even have to pay a quarter of that price…

Plus, to help you start making more sales in IM immediately…

I’m Throwing In 4 Bonus Internet Marketing

Guides That Will Take You From Beginner To

Sensei ($399 Value) – Completely Free…

Bonus 1: Indispensable Internet Marketing – Newbie Guide

Indispensable int mrking

I understand that right now, you’re at the beginning of your Internet Marketing career.

As such, you need as much advice as you can get, and you want to master the art of making money fast.

That’s why I created this newbie guide, which will take your hand and guide you through:

Why traffic is so important and how you can monetize it for personal gains.

The number one way to build Internet Traffic (and anyone can do it for free).

Why article submissions bring in massive amounts of traffic, and how you can do it for yourself.



The secrets of ecommerce – what works, what doesn’t and why.
Useful terms in Internet Marketing – provided so that you’re never confused when speaking with a potential business partner or customer.

Regular Real World Value:$89. Complimentary Today

Bonus 2: Internet Marketing – Personal Development

int mrkting develop

Internet Marketing is all about relationships…

With millions of other people out there, all trying to make it in IM – connections and trust are what separate successful marketers from the also-rans.

That’s why I created this powerful guide for you.

In 43 action packed pages, I’ll show you:

How to build relationships with the web’s best affiliates, making any product launch you have a raging success.
The secret to giving your subscribers confidence in your offers. If customers truly understand that you’re on their side, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you. I show you how to make sure this is the case.
The social media strategies you need to make sales producing partnerships and connections.
The foolproof method for making your name and your brand synonymous with QUALITY.

Regular Real World Value: $99. Complimentary Today

Bonus 3 – The Internet Empire – Focusing On The Big Picture

internet empire


Want to know how you can take your fledgling dream of making real, life-changing income online, and turn it into a reality?


Here are the answers you’ve been looking for.


In The Internet Empire, you’ll discover:

The best free methods for traffic generation, and how to start using them today, at no cost to you.
Why working within particular niches is so profitable, and what you must do to get your share of the pie.
What Viral Marketing is, how it really works, and the steps you need to do it for yourself.
How to make yourself, and your brand, omnipresent throughout the web so that customers couldn’t hide from you if they tried.

Regular Real World Value: $99. Complimentary Today

Bonus 4 – Generating A Stream Of Turbo Traffic And Maintaining It

turbo traffic

Look, you already know that traffic is king.

You can have the best ideas and the greatest products, but if you go to your website and hear chirping crickets…

You’ve got a real problem.

That’s why I created Generating A Stream Of Turbo Traffic, which I’m going to give to you today.

Discover the do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing. You’ll see how to generate massive interest in your products, and to have the world’s best Internet Marketers working double time to make you money in your sleep.
Why putting out and distributing a Press Release is much easier than you think. And if you do it right, it can mean literally thousands of additional visits to your website…This course shows you how.
How to use video marketing to engage customers, and get them to buy. With Video Secrets Revealed, you’ll now have the ability to create branded, professional looking videos. Now with this guide, you’ll also know how to use those videos to really generate traffic.
Plus the real ways to gain traffic with social media, how to participate in link exchange programs, how to build JV Venture Partnerships, and so much more.

Regular Real World Value: $109. Complimentary Today.

So to sum up what I’m offering to you today…

Video Secrets Revealed – your ticket to creating branded, professional videos that get seen throughout the web. Normally $97

Plus my 4 bonuses, over 160 pages of pure Internet Marketing gold, that will have you going from beginner to pro in less time than it takes to cash a check (of which you’ll be doing a lot in the coming months). Normally $399

And while the total value for this offer is $496…

When you act today, you’re not going to have to pay the nearly $500 it’s worth…

Or even half that…

You won’t even have to pay $100…

Or $50.

Because I’m all about hooking you up. So, if you act right away, while I’ve lowered the price…

You’ll Get Video Secrets Revealed, Plus

Your 4 Bonuses, For Only $7.



Why The Crazy Discount Sean?

Because I’m not about trying to make a huge profit off you.

I’m about helping you to make huge profits on your own.

So act now, while I’ve got the price lowered so dramatically (it will go back up, I can promise you).

And you’ll get an entire Internet Marketing kick-start guide, plus Video Secrets Revealed, for less than the price of a movie ticket.

Plus, Even That Tiny $7 Investment Is GUARANTEED.


money back guarantee


If you’re not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, I’ll refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

There’s no risk at all, so get going!

I’ll be looking out for you on the inside.

All The Best,

Sean Mckee


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