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301 Redirects – Is there a Limit to How Many You Can Have?

how many 301 redirects am I allowed to have

By Sean McKee:

301 redirects-Is there a limit to how many you can have?  In this video created by Google web masters tools, they discuss 301 or permanent redirects and how many you’re allowed to have on your site.   The video is only 4:30 long and is a good watch so take a look at it now.

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SEO Tips – 5 Typical Mistakes When Doing SEO

5 SEO Tips

By Sean McKee,

This is a video done by Google explaining 5 Typical Mistakes when doing SEO for your site.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch this important video.
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00:23 Typical Mistake #1: No Value proposition
1:30 Typical Mistake #2 Segmented approach
3:07 Typical Mistake #3 Time-consuming workarounds
4:57 Typical Mistake #4 Caught in SEO trends
6:05 Typical Mistake #5 Slow Integration
6:48 Rich Snippets added
6:58 Video site maps added
7:14 Good practices in SEO – SEO instructions

I hope you enjoyed this information.

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