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SEO Tips – 5 Typical Mistakes When Doing SEO

5 SEO Tips

By Sean McKee,

This is a video done by Google explaining 5 Typical Mistakes when doing SEO for your site.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch this important video.
[leadplayer_vid id=”51354B176AFEE”]

00:23 Typical Mistake #1: No Value proposition
1:30 Typical Mistake #2 Segmented approach
3:07 Typical Mistake #3 Time-consuming workarounds
4:57 Typical Mistake #4 Caught in SEO trends
6:05 Typical Mistake #5 Slow Integration
6:48 Rich Snippets added
6:58 Video site maps added
7:14 Good practices in SEO – SEO instructions

I hope you enjoyed this information.

Talk soon,