Video Content – Don’t Twitter It Vine It

Video Content

By Sean McKee

Have you been using Twitter to make contact with your followers?  If you have than you understand the power of  social media and if you like using Twitter than you’ll love Vine.  Your followers will love it too because of getting a text form you they’ll get a “Vine” showcasing a 6 second video showcasing anything you would like to show them or promote.

Be sure to check out the great article below by Mark Sherbin where he discusses “Six Easy Ways To Uses Vine Marketing.

Video Content: 6 Easy Ways to Use Vine for Marketing
by Mark Sherbin
For those who have already discovered it, Vine is on fire.

Vine is a new short video app available for iProducts only (but that we expect will get an inevitable Android birth in the near future). You can use it to share a maximum of six seconds of video footage on Facebook, Twitter, or Vine’s native social network. What makes it a really powerful app is the ability to splice together bits of nonconsecutive video content to create a montage.

Brands seemed to jump on the trendy new app almost as quickly as consumers did. Vines appear inside a tweet, which means you don’t have to redirect your viewers to another website. If you have a major Twitter presence, that in-tweet experience offers a great way to engage and differentiate your brand in a sea of branded micro-content.

Looking for some ideas to add Vine to your content marketing arsenal? Here are six tips that make it easy to jump onboard.

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